Wilderness Festival workshop

04 September 2016

This summer has been full of varied and fun projects and I have particularly enjoyed collaborating with Victorinox on a number of things including running a…

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25 January 2016

Happy New Year. I have recently setup a newsletter that I will be sending out at select points during the year. If you are interested please see the sign up…

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Autumn Update

15 October 2015

Well its been a very busy summer and its nice to be able to share some new work with you all. I have just updated my portfolio with new work for Google,…

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Box Meals

13 June 2015

I was approached by Fast Company to illustrate a feature on the rise in popularity of Box Meal services like Blue Apron.

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Mr Porter Cities

05 February 2015

Last year I created a series of paper sets for a shoot for Mr Porter. I created 4 different cities which relate to the different clothing brands used in the…

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Body Clock

05 February 2015

I created a full page image for Scientific American to accompany a story about our internal body clock. According to the article, the body has several body…

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Christmas Tree Charity Auction

21 November 2014

Glug Brighton are holding a Christmas party on 2nd December where they will be raising money for homeless charity Emmaus. I was pleased to be selected as one…

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The Overview Effect

06 November 2014

Fast Company asked me to create a couple of images to illustrate a story about space travel and in particular the ‘Overview Effect’. This is a sensation…

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Wellcome Trust

27 August 2014

I recently worked on a piece for Mosaic Magazine, The Wellcome Trusts new science publication. I created some eye balls using emulsion paint and transparent…

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Apple Tuning Up

05 August 2014

In this months issue of Fast Company I created an image to accompany an article about Apple’s recent acquisition of Beats by Dre.

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